Joint Information System (JIS) Purpose

The Joint Information System (JIS) is the fourth NIMS Command and Coordination structure.

JIS integrates incident information and public affairs into a unified organization that provides consistent, coordinated, accurate, accessible, timely and complete information to the public and stakeholders during incident operations.

JIS operates across and supports the other NIMS Command and Coordination structures: ICS, EOC and MAC Group.

JIS activities include:

  • Developing and delivering coordinated interagency messages
  • Developing, recommending and executing public information plans and strategies
  • Advise on public affairs issues that could affect the incident management effort
  • Addressing and managing rumors and inaccurate information that could undermine public confidence

The JIS performs these activities in support of the Incident Commander or Unified Command, the EOC Director, and the MAC Group.

Graphic showing NIMS Command and Coordination Structures: MAC Group, EOC, and ICS with JIS spanning across all three. MAC Group: Multi Agency Coordination Group: Offsite support of ICS and EOCs through Policy Guicance & Sarce Resource Allocation. EOC: Emergency Operations Centers: Off Site Emergency Operations Centers Support On-Scene ICS Operations. ICS: Incident Command System - On-Scene Management of Incidents. JIS spanning all 3: Joint Information System - Integrate Incident Information and Public Affairs across ICS, EOCs, and MAC Groups.