MAC Group Definition and Composition

Multiagency Coordination Groups (MAC Group) are part of the off-site incident management structure of NIMS.

MAC Groups are also sometimes referred to as policy groups.

MAC Group members are typically agency administrators, executives or their designees from stakeholder agencies or organizations impacted by and with resources committed to the incident. The MAC Group may also include representatives from non-governmental organizations such as businesses and volunteer organizations.

During incidents, MAC Groups:
• Act as a policy-level body
• Support resource prioritization and allocation
• Make cooperative multi-agency decisions
• Enable decision making among elected and appointed officials and the Incident Commander responsible for managing the incident.

The MAC Group does not perform incident command functions, nor does it replace the primary functions of EOCs or other operations, coordination, or dispatch organizations.

Graphic stating MAC Group Multi Agency Coordination Group Offsite support of ICS and EOCs through Policy Guidance & Scarce Resource Allocation