Operational Period Briefing: Agenda

The Operational Period Briefing is facilitated by the Planning Section Chief and follows a set agenda. A typical briefing includes the following:

  • The Planning Section Chief reviews the agenda and facilitates the briefing.
  • The Incident Commander or Planning Section Chief presents incident objectives or confirms existing objectives.
  • The Planning Section (Situation Unit Leader) provides information on the current situation.
  • The current Operations Section Chief provides current assessment and accomplishments.
  • The on-coming Operations Section Chief covers the work assignments and staffing of Divisions and Groups for the upcoming operational period.
  • The Logistics Section Chief provides updates on transportation, communications, and supplies.
  • The Finance/Administration Section Chief provides any fiscal updates.
  • The Public Information Officer provides information on public information issues.
  • The Liaison Officer briefs any interagency information.
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