Email Link Problems

If only the first line of the URL is highlighted in your email, your email client is truncating or cutting off part of the URL; the entire URL is between 2 - 5 lines long.

You must select reply on your email. At the end of each line in the link, select delete until the next line attaches to the previous line. Continue to do this until all of the lines are underlined. Copy and paste the entire link into the address bar of your web browser.

Due to a situation with Office 365 where a service titled Safe Link may have been enabled by your Office 365 administrator, you could received a certificate link that will not function properly. If the link you see in your email from EMI contains text similar to, please contact your local technical department and ask that they allow links from EMI to pass through your email system unchanged.

If your organization is using Office 365, please reach out to your IT department and ask that they allow links from EMI to pass through unchanged.

The pattern required will be

More information regarding correcting this issue can be found at these links and*

*FEMA does not endorse any outside entity. Links are provided for informational purposes only.

Please ensure that you are running the latest version of Adobe Reader.

The latest version is available as a free download directly from Adobe at:

If you are still encountering an error, please contact the EMI Independent Study office at