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The Preparedness Topics

Below is a list of preparedness activities included in this program:

Core Preparedness Topics

Title Information and Activities on . . . Approx. Length
Preparedness on a Shoestring Creating a no-cost or low-cost disaster kit 30 – 60 minutes
Where Is Everybody? Developing a communications plan 20 minutes
Who Can You Count On? Who Counts on You? Establishing a personal support network 20 minutes
Easy Out: Getting to Safety Planning for and practicing an evacuation 30 minutes
Storm Safe — Sheltering in Place Staying safe when evacuation is not an option 20 – 40 minutes
Disaster Plan Dress Rehearsal Practicing your disaster plan 30 – 60 minutes

Hazard-Reduction Topics

Title Information and Activities on . . . Approx. Length
Hunting Home Hazards Identifying and reducing home hazards 30 – 60 minutes
An Ounce of Fire Prevention Identifying and reducing fire risks 30 minutes
Putting Out Fires Using a fire extinguisher 30 – 60 minutes
Home Safe Home Implementing simple risk-reduction (mitigation) measures 30 – 60 minutes
Safeguarding Your Valuables Protecting important items and documents 30 minutes

Specialized Preparedness Topics

Title Information and Activities on . . . Approx. Length
Pet/Service Animal Preparedness Taking care of pets and service animals during a disaster 30 minutes
Rx for Readiness Starting a “Stay Healthy” Kit and plan 30 minutes
Going Off Grid: Utility Outages Preparing for utility outages 20 – 40 minutes
Coming Home After a Disaster Planning for recovery from disaster 20 minutes
Preparedness: The Whole Community Understanding emergency management and response roles and getting involved 30 – 90 minutes

You can mix and match the topics based on the needs of your audience. In addition, you may adjust the times by modifying the activities demonstrated during the session.

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