Training and Exercise Planning Workshop (TEPW)

The Training and Exercise Planning Workshop (TEPW), lays the foundation for the strategy and structure of an exercise program. The TEPW purpose is to engage elected and appointed officials in identifying exercise program priorities and planning a schedule of training and exercise events to meet those priorities.

An essential component of the exercise management process, the TEPW is a collaborative environment where whole community stakeholders can engage in a forum to discuss and coordinate training and exercise activities across local organizations to maximize the use of available resources and prevent duplication of effort.

During the workshop, participants:

  • Review program accomplishments to date
  • Review each jurisdictions progress and accomplishments over the past year, or since the last TEPW
  • Identify needs and modifications required—including changes to the midyear training and exercise schedule and planning that might need updating
  • Translate needs into priorities and develop specific objectives to address through exercises
  • Compare Improvement Plan (IP) actions against current capabilities, training, and exercises
  • Identify and coordinate potential funding sources
  • Coordinate exercise activities and scheduling—a major part of the workshop should be spent on schedule coordination. The workshop is an excellent opportunity for all jurisdictions to coordinate their exercise schedules to avoid duplication of efforts and collaborate to maximize resources

TEPWs are convened on a periodic basis, usually annually or biannually, based on the program needs.

The outcome of the TEPW is the Multi-year Training and Exercise Plan.